Sunday, 26 July 2009

Two noted at Rangiora on Sunday the 26th

Not all that often seen by me is this Bushby Mustang 11 ZK-CAR c/n 1713 . This six & a half year project is Lycoming O-320 powered and first flew in February of 2005. Not sure were it is based these days, but folding wings and a trailer means that it may well live at the resident of its owner/builder John & Trish Crawford in Christchurch. "CAR" I believe comes from coke & rum.

A real stranger passing through was the Jabiru powered Micro Aviation Bantam B22J ZK-WBB c/n 00-0184.
WBB standing for Waihi Beach Bantam was registered to the WBB Syndicate of Katikati on 02-11-2000 with its first flight being the same day. Current listed owner is Trevor Brown of Hamilton.

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