Monday, 27 July 2009

'The Missing' Cessna

For those of you who saw the TV One program 'The Missing' tonight, the Cessma 180 under discussion was ZK-BMP
This aircraft started life as ZK-BEK (c/n 30603) in agricultural use with Air Contracts and Rural Aviation in the late 1950s until badly damaged in a crash at Eketahuna 12Mar59.
Rural Aviation rebuilt it at New Plymouth with the new c/n RA/1/59 (presumably incorporating a lot of other components) registered it as ZK-BMP and passed it on to Mt Cook Air Services Ltd., Timaru.
Later owners were in the aerial work and venison recovery industries and the last transfer was to T E Neave, Lillburn Valley, Southland, 23rd March 1978.
After the Cessna's disappearance as outlined in the program, the registration was finally cancelled 30/11/1978.

at Timaru 11Mar1966

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