Thursday 30 July 2009

Prop effects !

This photo, supplied by Sir Minty, shows the Jurca Sirocco ZK-PTR with its Rover 215cu inch Rover V8 ticking over. Have a good look at the optical effect of the propeller as caught by the camera.
Any suggestions as to how this happens ?


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  2. Good question! I'm not sure, but my best bet is that it is to do with the speed of the propellor and the speed of the camera lens. Possibly the time it took for the lens to open up resulted in the prop being caught at slightly different positions.

    Then again, I could be totally wrong!

    In any case, it's a nice photo!

  3. It's the speed of the sensor scan (digital camera).

    In a film camera of course, you would have had a prop blur because the entire scene is exposed at once, but in a digital (cheaper digital at least) the scene is scanned and stored progressively line by line, not all at once.

    To demonstrate more clearly, get yourself a flat bed scanner, and move what you are scanner while it's scanning.

  4. Cunning airbrake on top of the canopy don't you think.