Sunday 9 May 2021


The photo below, taken yesterday at Rangiora, shows the Piper PA-28-161 Warrior ZK-EBM2 (c/n 28-7816476). Thanks to John Wagtendonk.
Although we see it almost every day it has slipped through the cracks and not been posted previously.
 An earlier post on N9423C - which became ZK-EBM2  - can be seen on the link below.
It has had the blue stripe replaced with black to represent the Canterbury red and black scheme.

Below is an earlier photo taken at West Melton by Aaron Murphy on 28-11-2020


  1. I learned to fly in this plane at the age of 17 in 1978. It was brand new and either owned or leased by Blue Mountain Aviation in John Day, Oregon. My father Dick Evans (USCG retired) was a flight instructor there. I got my Private Pilot's License during the summer of 1978 and never flew again.

  2. I was born on this plane 01 Dec 1988! On a flight from John Day to Bend, Oregon. Glad to see she's still around. -Alicia

    1. Hi Alicia, when we looked at and flew this aircraft in Medford Oregon back in 2019 I was told the story of you being born in the plane by Cindy the sales agent. Pretty cool story!
      It's been a great addition to our fleet.

    2. I'm the Bob Wille of Medford, Oregon who bought Charlie from Bill Krayer. He was the pilot/owner when Alicia was born and told of a snowy flight to Bend with three on board and landing with four. A great little airplane that served our family well. May she continue to train and fly a long time.

  3. Hello there red.
    Below is what I wrote about N9423C when it arrived in NZ. Cheers.

    The Piper PA-28-161 Warrior II ZK-EBM2 has now come on line with the Canterbury Aero Club. This 1978 model was listed as N9423C and went to Blue Mountain Aviation Inc of John Day Airport, Grant County, Oregon. In November of 1980 it joined 9423 Charlie Inc and in January of 2005 was with Robert Wille at Medford, Colorado. Of interest - the owner’s daughter gave birth in the aircraft and a plaque with babies name was installed. Noted for sale with under 7400 hours it was purchased by the Canterbury Aero Club and ferried from Medford down to Arlington Texas for containerisation. It was delivered on a flat deck to the Club on January 30th along with a factory new Piper PA-28-181 Archer TX ex N80170 also for the Canterbury Aero Club. The first ZK-EBM was a Piper PA-28-140F Cherokee Cruiser which spent most of its career with the Canterbury Aero Club from 1982 through to its retirement in 2013 and export to Sri-Lanka having accumulated over 31,000 airframe hours.