Saturday 15 May 2021

ZK-DAB in Vietnam

The ZK-DAB2 (c/n C0628) was allocated the Canadian registration C-FBDA to the manufacturer and was imported into NZ through Hawker Pacific NZ Ltd of Ardmore.
It was noted at Ardmore in its Eagle Flight Training scheme on 09-01-2-13 equipped with Garmin G500 cockpit.
It was registered to Hawker Pacific on 22-01-2012 and then to Eagle Flight Ltd of Ardmore on 25-01-2013.
Their operation was transferred to Gisborne with the change listed from 20-11-2018.
ZK-DAB at Ardmore 24-02-2016

Eagle Flight Training was selected to be the flight training provider for Vietnam Airlines and to this end has a flight school set up at Chu Lai south of Danang.
ZK-DAB was cancelled from the NZ register on 17-07-2020.
ZK-DAB arrived at Chui Lai about August 2020.
ZK-DAB as VN-C-868 of the New Zealand Aviation School Vietnam at Chu Lai 06-05-2021
.From Nhuyen Tan Kai 

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