Sunday 30 May 2021

Ardmore on 27-5-2021 - A Few Other Aircraft

 Being such a lovely afternoon at Ardmore last Thursday there were lots of aircraft out and about:

It was the first time I had seen Pete Hunt's RV 6A ZK-PCH.  It has acquired a basic trim since it first flew here, and it was nice to have an uncluttered background at Ardmore to show the aircraft off.

Another RV outside was RV 4 ZK-RVB which has been at Ardmore for some time since Covid hit.

Not a very clear shot, but it is always spectacular to have a Spitfire flying overhead.

As the sun got lower there was nice light to illuminate this throw back scene (pity about the cars)
And also as the sun went down, the Warbirds Chipmunk took off.  Lovely lines!

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