Sunday 9 May 2021

DC-3 ZK-APK on the move.

Photo below shows ZK-APK being readied for its road trip to Shannon a few days ago.

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Photo above shows ZK-APK at Harewood on 02-06-1964.

Above we have the Douglas DC-3D ZK-APK (c/n 34227/16967) as seen at Harewood on 02-06-1964. 
Built as a C-47B-45-DK and allocated the USAAF serial of 45-964 and with a date of manufacture of 24-07-1945.
It was diverted to the RNZAF and became NZ3556 from August 1945.
Initially it was allocated the NZ civil registration of ZK-AOK - But I guess this was not AOK (all OK) and it was reallocated ZK-APK to NZNAC from May 1947 and named "Poaka"
 It was converted to civil DC-3D standard by ANA in Australia.
 It was converted to "Skyliner" standard just a few months after the above photo was taken and named "Kaitaia". 
Withdrawn from service in June1962 it was returned to service in August 1963 following the loss of ZK-AYZ.
After a brief lease to Fiji Airways from May 1967 as VQ-FAH it returned to NZ and sold in November 1968 to Airland for conversion to the ag role with Airland and then to Fieldair from 20-02-1978. Its last flight was on 03-07-1981

Below as seen at Napier on 14-12-1970.
Withdrawn from use in July of 1981 it became the "Cookie time" DC-3 at Mangaweka in about 1985. 
Cookie Time shots taken on 19-03-2009.

It was noted in Rangitikei River Adventures colours.
Photos taken 02-03-2016.

Interior shots taken 02-10-2016.

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