Saturday 29 May 2021

Ardmore on 27-5-2021 - Avspecs

 I was interested to see what was going on at Avspecs now that the Spitfire has gone.

The main project is now the restoration of Grumman G 44 Widgeon for an Auckland owner.  In the background you can see another Widgeon which I understand is Warren Denholm's own example.  There is going to be a bit of a resurgence of Widgeons in New Zealand as I understand that another one is being restored at Paihia.

The Widgeon bears the registration N144SL.  I think this is c/n 1215 which was manufactured in 1941 and first saw service with Pan American Airways, so it has an interesting history.  It most recently flew in the US with Continental engines.



  1. Any sign of the Curtiss 75? When I visited last year (pre-COVID) the fuselage was taking shape nicely.

  2. Hi Handbag

    I did not see a Curtis 75 in the hangar.