Monday 13 November 2017

Nieuport 11 Replica ZK-NVK

Continuing our WW 1 theme for Armistice Day...

Nieuport 11 Bebe replica ZK-NVK was finished by Craig Miller of Custom Aviation at Taieri assisted by Nigel Forrester after the airframe was commenced in the North Island.

ZK-NVK (c/n 1548) is a Circa Reproductions 7/8 scale reproduction powered by an 80 HP Rotax 912 engine.  It was registered to Nigel Forrester of Alexandra on 22/1/15.  It is photo'd above outside its Alexandra hangar on 8/11/17.  Thanks for the photo Nigel.

The aircraft is painted as N556 in the colours of Charles Tricornot de Rose who was the French WW 1 ace who in 1911 obtained the first military pilots certificate in France, and who is credited to be the first to appreciate that the aircraft could be a fighting machine rather than an observation platform.  His leadership of fifteen squadrons of Nieuport 11s in the air at the Battle of Verdun resulted in a great aerial victory when the Germans were "swept from the sky" at the orders of General Petain.

On 11 May 1916 he was killed when flying a Nieuport 13 on a demonstration flight near Soissons in North East France.


  1. Nice shot of the Cub with gumboots. Only other one I've seen in NZ on floats was BPC, perhaps there have been others

  2. There is another one on the register - Robert Borius-Broek's ZK-UCR at Wanaka. You can search ZK-UCR in the search box at the top left of the home screen and you will see it.

  3. Thank you, ZK-UCR appears to be a 3 place "Super Cruiser".