Thursday 23 November 2017

McNair Mynah ZK-LOI Home from Taumarunui

Another Auckland International run this morning to pick up No 2 Grandson (don't ask about the traffic!), meant another obligatory visit to Ardmore with coffee and muffin at BP on the way.

I had said that I didn't expect to see much, but when we were there Louis McNair arrived overhead in his Mynah ZK-LOI:

This was the last leg back from the Tiger Club flyin at Taumarunui and today he came from Te Kowhai in 1 hour 10 minutes - that's about the same speed as the D 9.

Taxying in.

And feet back on terra firma.

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  1. If there are plans, I would like a set, to study and build my own airplane.

    Jeffrey L. Frusha
    Luling, Texas, USA