Wednesday 8 November 2017

Murphy Super Rebel ZK-MSR Replaced by Murphy Super Rebel ZK-MSR!

Grayson Ottaway was on the case at Tauranga today for the first roll out of Ike and Trish Stephens' Murphy Super Rebel ZK-MSR2.  But didn't they already own Super Rebel ZK-MSR I hear you ask?  Well, yes they did but this is a new aircraft.

ZK-MSR2 is c/n 172SR and was first registered to I and P Stephens of Tauranga on 5/10/17.  It was built from components of the old ZK-MSR with a new fuselage imported from the US.  This was necessitated by a landing accident to the old ZK-MSR near Papamoa on 8/5/16 which resulted in it being cancelled from the register on 12/9/17. 

It looks very nice in its new scheme, that I think suits it better than the old scheme.

And for completeness, here is the old ZK-MSR (ex N833Z, c/n 012SR3) at the 2014 Black Sands flyin at Raglan, on 8/11/14.

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