Thursday 30 November 2017

Ag Aircraft at Dargaville 25-11-2017

Later in the afternoon last Saturday at Dargaville a turbine Fletcher appeared downwind.  I thought it would be ZK-JLU which had been the resident Fletcher when I was last there.

Actually it turned out to be ZK-CBA.

Thanks to Delticman, its history is as follows:

ZK-CBA  (c/n 81) was built up by TEAL at Mechanics Bay in during 1962 and was first flown from Hobsonville . It was later delivered to Hamilton for Robertson Air Service Ltd as fleet number 10 and was fitted with a Continental 0-470N of 260 HP. Major airframe mods came when Robertson Air Service converted it to a FU-24-950M which also included a large cargo door in July 1979. It joined the Super Air fleet and it's next major modification was the fitting of a Walter M601D in 1999. Yet another conversion and stretch for the PT6A-34AG in October 2011.

And down at the Super Air tie down area was another PT6A equipped FU-24-950M, ZK-JQB (c/n 156).  Delticman advises that it was one of the dismantled FU-24-950's that Super Air purchased from Fieldair Engineering. It was rebuilt as a stretched PT-6A-34AG version and first flown in April 2010.

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