Tuesday 28 November 2017

Giant Scale Models at Dargaville 25-11-2017

Some of our sport aircraft are quite small (think Spacek Minisport with a wingspan of under 20 feet), and then coming up the other way are giant scale radio controlled models with wingspans of over 10 feet.  I guess the cross-over point is the Bally Bomber?

I was interested to see a couple of these big models at Dargaville last Saturday.  They were pretty impressive and came with their own purpose built trailers.

Republic P 47D Thunderbolt "Tarheel Hal" is a model of the aircraft that is owned by the Lone Star Flight Museum of Houston, TX.

And Westland Lysander Mk 3A "529" is in the pre-war colours of the RCAF.  (a similar aircraft coded "416" flies with Vintage Wings of Canada).  It has a wingspan of 10 feet 6 inches and is powered by a 3 cylinder radial engine of 61cc displacement.

Once all the full size aircraft activity had closed down for the day it took off and flew very well.

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