Wednesday 20 April 2016

ZK-LHL on the move.

Cessna 425 Corsair ZK-LHL (c/n 4250171)
Wings etc removed and box ready.
Another pic from Grayson Ottaway.
It has been engineless at Tauranga for over a year now.
Check out for earlier views.

Below is what it looked like at Rangiora on 05-02-2007.


  1. What a pity. I never did get to see this aeroplane in person other than when it arrived as N51CU. What became of the other 425 destined for NZ - N425HB with ZK-LIM reserved.

  2. N425HB is still currently very active and I believe UK based. Ownership is hidden in the Bank of Utah books, but the 'HB' part of the registration was for Howard Baker. I think it was Stu Clumpas that had plans to list it in NZ as ZK-LIM.
    ZK-LHL was a Corsair with auw of 8200lbs whilst N425HB is the renamed Conquest I with 8600lb auw. Otherwise the same I believe.