Wednesday 27 April 2016

Fly-in at Mata on Sunday.

There is a fly-in at Leo's - the home of ZK-DQX on Sunday May 1st.

Here's the updated information for this coming Sunday's fly-in at Leo John's airstrip at Mata.

Turn up sometime around or after 10am and the kettle will be boiling.
Helen has kindly offered to bake some scones so the earlier you turn up the better chance you will have to benefit from her baking skills.
BBQ lunch will be burgers and sossies with coleslaw and, of course, tomato sauce.
Tea and coffee will available anytime from your arrival onwards, or until the generator is either turned off or runs out of fuel.

Airstrip co-ordinates are.
35:52 South  174:21 East

or click on :-'34.6%22S+174%C2%B021'11.1%22E/@-35.8597504,174.3559908,1081m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x0
[Warning - Do NOT use the co-ordinates in this link for nav purposes]

The runways are: 06 and 24.
Length 700 metres.
If Leo can fly his Cherokee from there I don't think anyone will have a problem.

If 06 is in use you can choose to either fly over the hill or approach on the southern side of it to land and stop closer to the parking overflow paddock entrance..

When making radio calls remember that the radio frequency used in the Whangarei area is 118.6.
When advising your position, the airfield is located 5 1/2 NM to the south of Whangarei.

The address is 1722 State Highway and is on a sweeping bend on the Western side of the main highway with a useful pull-off area right there at the entrance.
Turn righ
t just before the large shed and follow the farm road to the airfield.

First timers: Be aware of the nearby power lines and pylons, especially if flying very low and concentrating too much on looking for the airstrip.
Piper PA-28-180 Cherokee Archer ZK-DQX  (c/n 28-74-05129) was imported by and registered to Airwork (NZ) Ltd of Auckland on 27-08-1974 having arrived at Auckland as N9564N on the 14th.
Its first flight under 'ZK' marks was on the 29th. 
It was transferred to the ownership of R N Walker of Christchurch on 05-11-1974 and then to Porter Doe Motors of Feilding on 05-10-1978. From 27-02-1990 it was listed privately to K M L Porter of Pauanui Beach until moving to it current owner - Leo Johns of Mata (near Whangarei) from 29-08-1994.
The photo was taken recently at Dargaville by Jean210.

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