Thursday 7 April 2016

Aviate Raptor Trike ZK-CVG at North Shore Today

There is one trike based at North Shore, being Richard Seymour-Wright's Aviate Raptor 582 ZK-CVG2.  I had seen it a couple of years ago when it swept over me late in the afternoon in the photo below.

I hadn't really seen it out flying again until this afternoon (although it does fly quite regularly and is used for flight training with Flywest at North Shore and Parakai).

You can see the dual control system in the above photo with the student holding the bar and the instructor holding onto the bar extensions from the rear seat.

And after stopping outside its hangar where you can just make out the registration.  The trike was previously ZU-CVG in South Africa, and was first registered in New Zealand on 10/10/11.

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