Sunday 17 April 2016

Dargaville Aero Club Aircraft at Dargaville 16-4-2016

The Dargaville Aero Club celebrated the 35th Anniversary the opening of their airfield yesterday with an Open Day and Flyin to coincide with their famous Saturday lunch which is served up for all visitors on every Saturday of the year.

There were over 40 sport aircraft on the field including nine locally based aircraft, which means that there was a great turnout of over 30 visiting aircraft.  Three of the locals were the following owned by the Dargaville Aero Club.

 Fly Synthesis Storch S ZK-DAQ2 .

 Fly Synthesis Texan Top Class ZK-TXN2.

And their latest aircraft being the MTOSport autogyro ZK-RDM, which was kept busy doing trial flights.

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