Sunday 3 April 2016

Sport + Aircraft at Wanaka # 6

Now the final batch of Sport aircraft from last weekends Wanaka Show.
Ex C-FVFN and ZK-OAC, the Rans S-7 ZK-WAL's story is hidden in the following link.
 ZK-WBW (c/n 003) is the Woodie Rouse Falcomposite Furio LN27 RG.
 Above we see the Progressive Aerodyne Sea Rey ZK-WET2 (c/n N471) of Craig Buist from Dunedin.
 The Lake 250 Renegade ZK-RFH (c/n 77) was listed with Southlink International on 11-12-2015 after operating in Country for a while as N8148B.
This Pietenpol is under construction by Greg Doran with its Rotec radial in the foreground.
Greg's RV 4 ZK-RGD is behind - on the left. 

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