Thursday 28 April 2016

Gulfstream G VI ZK-KFB at Auckland International 27-4-2016

Execujet's Gulfstream G VI ZK-KFB3 was parked at Auckland International yesterday.  It is an impressive machine!

 ZK-KFB3 (c/n 6043) was first registered to Execujet NZ Ltd on 4/10/13.

I looked back over the NZ Civair blog for earlier posts on ZK-KFB and I came up with plenty for ZK-KFB1 and ZK-KFB2 but none for ZK-KFB3 so I now claim a Terry Fletcher!  For interest here are the previous two ZK-KFBs:

Gulfstream G IV ZK-KFB (c/n 1362) was first registered to Air National on 15/7/03 and was operated for Peter Jackson (he wasn't Sir at that time).  It was cancelled on 19/5/10 and exported to become N662GA.

Gulfstream G V ZK-KFB2 (c/n 5260) was first registered to Execujet on 26/3/10 and it in turn was cancelled on 5/3/13 and exported to become SE-RKL with SAAB in Sweden.


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