Saturday 2 April 2016

Sport Aircraft at Wanaka # 2.

Tecnam Australasia Ltd managed to get their P2008 ZK-WOW2 (c/n 100) through the weather up north to take up its static display position.
Vans RV 12 ZK-ERV (c/n 120867) got a mention recently at :-
Evolved from the Vans RV 4 and the Harmon Rocket we have the Team Rocket F1 Rocket ZK-FIZ (c/n 173) of john Baynes from Gore.
Built by the students from the Mercury Bay Area School we have the Vans RV 12 UL ZK-MBA (c/n 120592). 
First flown back on 05-11-2013 it joined the Mercury Bay Aero Club (Inc) at Whitianga on 08-12-2014.
The test pilot for both the RV 12's above was Alan Coubray. 
ZK-YRV (c/n 415) is Alan's own machine which was first flown on 23-10-2011.

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