Tuesday 5 April 2016

Whakatane to White Island run.

On March the 12th Air Chathams carried out a charter from Whakatane out to White Island and return in their Douglas DC-3 ZK-AWP.
AWP had carried out its normal Saturday run down from Auckland and the White Island flight was a fill in before it did the return schedule to Auckland.
Thanks to David Evans and Roger Brown we have three photos of this event.
Above we have ZK-AWP departing Whakatane.
There is nothing like a good escort.
Below we see Harvard 98 (aka ZK-ENJ) and the Titan T51 Mustangs ZK-MJD and ZK-MPC.
 Island ! Moutohora ?
And a bunch of happy punters.


  1. Lovely photos! Is this DC-3 the one which had its wing dinged by a Tiger Moth at Wanaka?

  2. The flight was an idea of mine after various people around Classic Flyers Museum in Tauranga noticed AWP's overhead regularity. The initial idea was to watch her arrival at Whakatane however I (Peter Layne) arranged with Duane Emeny to try and fill a flight and so a full load flew in AWP. The other aircraft escorted us part of the way before they returned to Tauranga. It is intended to do more scenics in the Bay of Plenty next summer.

  3. Ditto there Peter.
    Sorry - I should have included your part in the organisation of this flight in the posting.