Saturday 9 April 2016

Terry Fletcher at Tauranga and Thames.

Some more photos from Terry Fletchers NZ tour.
Terry called in on Tauranga on 11-03-2016.
Piper PA-18-150 Super Cub ZK-BRY (c/n 18-5687) was an Airwork (NZ) Ltd listing from 07-05-1957 for delivery to Cookson Airspread at Wairoa. Next on the owners list was Manawatu Aerial Top Dressing Ltd from July of 1971. 
Private owners J Chesswas of Wanganui and Don Mahon of Queenstown followed in 1972 and 1977 respectively. The Taranaki Gliding Club took delivery of it in  all its glorious colour scheme about April of 1986 to replace their Auster ZK-BDW. 
The Sport Aviation Partnership of Hawera appear on the paperwork from 07-05-1996 followed by the RNZAF Base Auckland Aviation Sport Club from 17-07-1998 who moved it on to the Hauraki Aero Club at Thames on 15-11-1999. 
Then Frank Wright at The Mount appears  from 29-01-2002- so I assume it had a major rework before being collected by The Old Lake Trust of North Shore from 11-05-2004.
For some reason this old Lovely has not appeared on this blog before !
Cessna 185D Skywagon ZK-CKT (c/n 185-0929) was a Rex Aviation (NZ) Ltd import and appears listed to them from 22-11-1965. Mount Cook Air Services Ltd are on that list from 05-01-1966. It then followed the Company changes through Mount Cook Airlines; Mount Cook and Southern Lakes Tourist Co Ltd and The Mount Cook Group.
Title changed to I R and D L Devane of Taihape from 18-01-1989 but was back with the Mount Cook Group on 17-01-1990. Then we see Rongoiti Farms Ltd (I R and  D L Devane) of Taihape back on the list from 11-06-1990. The Murray Haybittle and Jim Lyver Partnership appear on 19-12-1991. Parachute dropping became its main earner through various Companies through until 04-11-2011 when it was listed to its current owner Gary Blithe of Aviation Power Supply 1991 Ltd of Papakura.
The Cessna 152 ZK-FMV (c/n 152-79588) is currently with the Tauranga Aero Club but it was created back in 1977 and was imported in a damaged condition from the States in November of 1984 and was rebuilt by Pacific Aviation Ltd at Rotorua and registered on 20-11-1986. It was some ten owner/operators later that it went to its current operator from 14-05-2014.
The Cessna 172N Skyhawk ZK-WFT (c/n 17267712) seem to have been around since Adam was a cowboy.
 It first appeared as ZK-WFT on 02-04-1979 listed with the Waikato Flying School. Some fifteen owners later we see it transfer to CMC Investments Ltd of Pokeno from 16-04-2011.

A quick passing visit to Thames by Terry on 12-03-2016 found this :-
-: The Nanchang CJ-6 (c/n 5032018) was built at Factory #320 at Hongdu and served with the Peoples Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) until being sold to Australian interests. 
It was shipped into Omaka in March last year for NZ certification at JEM Aviation. 
First engine runs in NZ were on 15-10-2015 and it was registered as ZK-CHG2 to Wayne Pamment of Morrinsville on 12-11-2015 with its first flight from Omaka on 04-12-2015 by Jay McIntyre. 
A pre ZK pic of it can be seen at :-

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