Sunday 17 April 2016

More from yesterday at Rangiora.

We recently covered ZK-RCZ as being at Rangiora.
This is not the only Gyro in town at the moment.
The Auto Flight Single Seat Dominator ZK-RAZ4 (c/n RAZ1) is the John Saunders machine - which gets around a fair bit.
I like the bucket over the rotor head !
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 On its trailer in the CRAC hangar was the Auto Flight Dominator II ZK-REQ (c/n 012) as listed with Trevor Shadbolt of GoGyro Ltd.
 The Canterbury Recreational Aero Club's Tecnam P92 Echo Classic ZK-RGA2 (c/n 1485) is parked outside the CRAC clubhouse with its new plantings in the foreground.
Laurie Tuff built this Tri-R-Kis-TR4 Cruiser ZK-TUF which first flew on 20-04-2000 after having been registered 10 days earlier. 
Powered with a Lycoming IO-360 it was the 4th example to fly in the world. 
Laurie has had it for sale for some time and it has now found a new owner in Pat Scotter - based at Rangiora.

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