Thursday 7 April 2016

Wings and Wheels at Darfield 02-04-2016.

CMM reports from the Darfield Wings and Wheels gathering on 02-04-2016.
 There were three Austers on site at Charlie Drapers strip near Darfield for this fund raising occasion.
Above we see the Vincent Family Auster Syndicates Auster 5C ZK-AZT (c/n 1272). This is olde 'Alfie' and has been with the Family since 1976.

Auster Mk5 ZK-ARR is c/n 1364 and wears its previous military marks of TJ272.
Richard Royds imported this from Australia in 1997.
Note Charlie's Auster Auster J1B Aiglet ZK-AYU in the background.
 Clattering off is the Tri-Plex Hiller UH-12B ZK-HAB3 (c/n 737) which is now with Robbie Orr of Swannanoa.
 Garden City Helicopters was doing a bit of 'barnstorming' with their Robinson R44 Raven II ZK-IGC (c/n 10088).
 And behold !  Not one - but three Rotorway 162F's were there.
Above is Wayne Cook's Executive ZK-HUD3 (c/n 6838).
 Rotorway Exec 162F ZK-IGH2 (6632) is the Jet Exec NZ Ltd's example up from Timaru.
 And Graeme Piper from nearby Sheffield arrived with his 162F ZK-IVR (c/n 6358).
 Jon Ludgater supports these occasions and arrived from Rangiora in the Ludgater Holdings Bell OH-58A Kiowa ZK-IXL (c/n 44062).
Another supporter is Skyfarmers Aviation from down Methven way who put on this spray demo with their Air Tractor AT-504 ZK-SKF2 (c/n 504-4015).

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