Wednesday 20 January 2016

Yak 52s at Matamata 16-1-2016

There were four Yak 52s at Matamata, including two that were new to me.

ZK-KEV2 is our latest Yak 52, owned by Kevin Jane of Thames and first registered on 22/4/15.  I understand that it is based at Pauanui.

It carries a hornet logo on the nose and the tail, and has also recently acquired a hammer and sickle.

ZK-ZAH is the ex Jim Hickey aircraft, now owned by Blue 52 Ltd of Hamilton.

ZK-KGB2 was originally ZK-LJH until it made the Periera Osprey ZK-KGB an offer it couldn't refuse!  It is owned by Rik Grant of Pauanui.

ZK-TYS has been owned by the Thames Yak Syndicate since its initial registration in May 1997.  It has also not changed its colour scheme in those seventeen and a half years.

Formation takeoff by ZK-KGB, ZK-ZAH and ZK-KEV.  The first two performed an aerobatic display.

which included an inverted pass from ZK-ZAH.


  1. ZK-ZSO is a the Zlin 50. :)

  2. Oops! Thanks for that Leo I have deleted the bit about ZK-ZSO

  3. TYS has changed its paint scheme a few years ago, but in a very subtle fashion. You'd need to crawl underneath... :-)
    If you look at ZAH's inverted pass photo you'll see the white patch between the red wing undersides. TYS was like that but now has a red underside which doesn't show up the (normal) oil stains as badly.

  4. Also , KGB is owned by "Rik" Grant from Pauanui. No-one calls him Malcolm (his middle name)