Thursday 7 January 2016

The Eleven Days of Christmas quiz answers.


The first day of Christmas.
Question was :-
What aircraft type ?
What registration ?
Answer is Airdrome Aeroplanes Bleriot XI.  ZK-BXI.

The Second day of Christmas.
Question was :-
What aircraft type is this ?
And what registration would you put on it ?
Answer is Australian Aircraft Hornet STOL. ZK-CCM

The third day of Christmas.
Question was :-
                                           Again I would like the type and registration.
Answer is Bushby Midget Mustang 1A. ZK-MFE

The 4th day of Christmas.

Question was:-
What engine lurks within this cowling ?
What Mk number is the aircraft ?
And to sort the wheat from the chaff - What is its NZ civil registration ?
Answer is Chev Corvette LS2 of 420hp.


The 5th day of Christmas.

Question was :-
                                                             What aircraft type do we have here then ?
Answer is Boeing 737-319 (actually ZK-NGI).

The 6th day of Christmas.
Question was :-
Which Company was the main operator of this aircraft ??
Well at least tell what type it is ?
And what colour it is today ?
Answer is Southern Aviation Ltd at Gore and Invercargill. It is a Yeoman YA-1 Cropmaster 250R Srs2. Its current colour is - well a colour pic below tells it all.


The 7th day of Christmas.
The question was -  never actually asked !

The answer was Victa/AESL Airtourer 150 stick in ZK-DAC.

The 8th day of Christmas.
Question was:-
What make and model do we have here then ?
How many of this model have we had on the NZ Civil Aircraft Register ?
Any thoughts on a suitable ZK- registration for this particular one ?
Answer is Beechcraft V35B Bonanza.  We have had three "V" tails. ZK-EDJ.

The 9th day of Christmas.
The question was :-
                                                                Name the aircraft manufacturer.
                                                                    Name the operator.
                                   And you may as well tell me the NZ civil registration whilst you are at it !
The answer being  KHI Kawasaki-Hughes H369HS operated by Glacier Country Helicopters, and it is ZK-HBS.

The tenth day of Christmas.
The question was :-
Any thoughts on what type and model we have here ?
What was it previously registered ?
The answer is Elliotts of Newbury (EoN) Olympia Mk2. Previous id's being A5082; BGA797/AZT, and was ZK-GLY in NZ.

The 11th day of Christmas.

The question was:
 I would like to know the manufacturers designation for this machine ?
Can you divulge its previous military marking (serial number) ?
The answer being  SARO P.531-2 Scout AH/1. c/n S2/5311 Military serial XP166.
(it is currently ZK-HJG).

The question was :-
Which one is this then ?
The answer is Supermarine Spitfire MkIX ZK-SPI.

The question being :-
On which type of 'mechanical mouse' would this belong ?
Answer is MD 500n  NOTAR - actually ZK-IGA.

Question was :-
One of only two in country !
One of two what though ?
What is the registration of the second one to come to NZ ?
Answer being BEAGLE A109 Airedale. The second arrival was ZK-CAO.
(The pic is actually of ZK-CCW).

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