Saturday 16 January 2016


Lord Nelson was at Omaka mid week and captured the Douglas DC-3 N451ZS (c/n 4363).
This aircraft has just completed heavy maintenance at JEM Aviation at Omaka and was placed back on the US Civil Register on 22-12-2015 having spent the previous ten months as ZK-JGB2.  
JGB being Jean Batten's initials.
It must be about due to move on very shortly.

A couple of earlier post on this olde machine can be viewed at :-


  1. And according to FAA website owner is stated as Southern Aircraft Consultancy Inc , Suffolk , United Kingdom.
    Will be interesting to see where she ends up.

  2. Yep. That's the same owners as previously. I think they are a sort of holding Company that maintain the aircraft on the US register - even if the owner/operator is not a US citizen. They currently have 818 aircraft listed to them.
    I believe that Mark Oremland of Te Anau is still the title holder.
    I note that Airscapade Affairs have recently been advertising a flying tour of NZ - so it may well go South again.

  3. Thanks Dave and Lord Nelson for the details .Wonder if there is a special reason to return this to it.s US reg ,