Saturday 16 January 2016

Fox Moth ZK-AQB is airborne.

The De Havilland DH83C Fox Moth ZK-AQB (c/n FM.49) has flown again.
Check the Croydon Aviation facebook link at bottom of this post.
Below is a view of ZK-AQB at Tauranga in April of 1969.
And a couple more links.
 Above - work is well under way at Mandeville on 18-11-2014.
This weeks clip of ZK-AQB getting airborne.


  1. I stumbled across this today, more than 4 years after it was posted.
    That beautiful old work-horse of an aeroplane was owned by my late uncle: Bill Paterson, until it was smashed up off Motiti Island in 1972 (I was still in 4th form high school at the time). Both my uncle and his passenger escaped unhurt. I was very upset to see the wreckage strewn all around the shores of the island. It was the only airworthy DH 83 in New Zealand at the time and he was understandably very proud of his 'fox'.
    To see this now is quite emotional for me, so I'm kinda glad they painted it quite a different colour than its original sky blue, but it's still FANTASTIC to see it flying again. I never thought it would be possible. Now if only someone could also restore its pilot. ��

  2. Hi Alan, what a story. My Dad was friends with Bill back in the 1960s. Dad worked at Tauranga Aerodrome in communications 1960-65 and I guess they had a few beers together. Dads been gone for 20 years and our family went back to the aerodrome in 2018 and didnt recognise anything. Our house is gone, so are the neighbours houses, and worst of all the great old Hanger is gone. So I been trying to follow the history of the airfield, collecting a few old photos and making up some notes of recollections, and started delving into finding out about names Dad used to mention. I am so impressed to read about Bill and include a bit of a story in the material I am putting together. Raising thoroughbreds, Clydesdales and prime beef on Motiti. If you have a photo of Bill Id love to see it. my email is Id love to hear from you.