Monday 18 January 2016

Various Military Marked Aircraft Arriving at Matamata - 16-1-2016

There were many military marked aircraft at Matamata including Harvards, Spitfire, Kittyhawk, Avenger, our Auster NZ 1702, the Stearmans, the Warbirds DC 3 and also a couple of current aircraft from the RNZAF.  There were also a couple of military marked homebuilts.  Then there were these aircraft who all have seen military service.

You can see from the top photos that the day was heating up.

ZK-WFI is registered as a Noord 1002 but I understand it was built for the Luftwaffe in 1944 as a Bf 108 Taifun, and it had an interesting war history including being shot down over Belgium.  In the 1984 it was heavily modified by Piper Aircraft in the US including the installation of a 300 HP Lycoming IO 540 flat 6 engine and a new nose in an attempt to make it more like a Taifun.

ZK-JMV is a CT-4B Airtrainer that is ex NZ 1935 with the RNZAF.

ZK-CVM2 is a DHC-1A-1 Chipmunk that is ex VT-CVM and prior to that was with the Indian Air Force.  It has the bubble canopy.

ZK-SAX is a DHC-1 Mk 22 Chipmunk that is ex WK 551 with the RAF, and has the sliding canopy.

All of the above aircraft are worthy of a detailed history post on their previous lives.

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