Sunday 17 January 2016

Spectacular Tauranga Biplanes at Matamata - 16-1-2016

The 50th anniversary Walsh Memorial Flying School hosted an impressive air display at Matamata on Saturday, from around 11 am to 3 pm.  It was a flying display, not an airshow, and the public were excluded.  I was very fortunate to be there.  Aircraft from all over the top of the North Island and some from further afield attended, and many gave excellent displays due to the generosity of their owners who gave their time and costs for free.

I will post details of some of the aircraft starting with these spectacular biplanes from the Cantlon/Dean hangar at Tauranga.  These aircraft were on static display and the photos were taken as they departed in the afternoon.

Marty Cantlon's NuWaco ZK-WTW2 is a stunning aircraft as you can see.  It has now been fully painted up in Gilmore Oil Company colours (Roar with Gilmore) and the attention to detail is amazing.  I don't think we have seen anything quite like this in New Zealand before.

The flying circus heading for home.

ZK-WTW2 on start up.

Mike Dean's Boeing B75N1 Stearman ZK-USA3 .

Marty Cantlon's A75N1 Stearman ZK-USN2 .

And Stearman 03 Ltd's E75 Stearman ZK-XAF .

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