Sunday 3 January 2016

16th birthday solo x 16.

On January the 2nd 2016 Rangitata Island Airfield saw a large gathering of family and friends celebrating the 16th birthday of young resident aviator Ross Brodie.
Ross went solo in 16 different aircraft throughout the day under the watchful eyes of instructors, dad Russell Brodie, Andrew Love, Matt White, Les Vincent and Ryan Southam.  
The aircraft Ross soloed in, included three variations of the Rans S6 ZK-JHZ, ZK-RHZ, ZK-JOA;  Rans S7 ZK-RIC, Zenith 701 ZK-JRT, Bantam ZK-FWY, Shadow ZK-MAX, Jabiru ZK-JRW, Alpi ZK-PAA, Tecnam ZK-MVS, Quiksilver ZK-MXK, Turbulent ZK-CVX, Airtourer ZK-DAC, Beagle Airdale ZK-CCW, Cesna 150 ZK-DMG and Tiger 43 ZK-BRL.
 Above Ross in the Tiger ZK-BRL -  whilst below Ryan Southam and dad Russell Brodie follow the take off with interest.
 Below - One of the first to congratulate his return in tiger 43 are Grandad Struan Brodie and dad Russell. Three generations to fly Tigers from this field.
 I wonder when the last time a 16 year old had soloed a tiger in NZ ?
 Russel and good family friend Les Eade with Ross after returning in the CFM Shadow ZK-MAX.
Three types awaiting the attention of Ross.
Cessna 150 ZK-DMG
 The Kolb Mark II ZK-JCD.
Druine Turbulent ZK-CVX.
CFM Shadow ZK-MAX.
 Below Ross is away in the Pioneer ZK-PAA.
A selection of the 28 plus aircraft on site.
 Family and friends at the hangars.
Ross actually did his first solo in a glider at Youth Glide at Omarama when he was 14.

Thanks to Allan Bowman for pics and story.

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