Monday 4 January 2016

On the eleventh day of Christmas.

I end the Christmas Question Time quiz with four easy ones.
 QT 11-one : 
Above- I would like to know the manufacturers designation for this machine ?
Can you divulge its previous military marking (serial number) ?

We have a winner:-
Planecrazy4 has identified it correctly as :-
                       SARO P.531-2 Scout AH/1 ZK-HJG , c/n S2/5311 Miltiary serial XP166


 QT 11-two :
Which one is this then ?

We have a winner
Planecrazy4 has identified this correctly as:-
Brendon Deeres Spitfire IX ZK-SPI


 QT 11-three :
On which type of 'mechanical mouse' would this belong ?

QT 11-four :
One of only two in country !
One of two what though ?
What is the registration of the second one to come to NZ ?

Thanks to Mrs CMM for suggesting the format for this years Question Time Quiz.


  1. Q1 is SARO P.531-2 Scout AH/1 ZK-HJG , c/n S2/5311 Miltiary serial XP166

    Q2 is Brendon Deeres Spitfire IX Zk-SPI

    Q3 not sure

    Q4 Percival Provost Zk-PPD

  2. Morning Planecrazy4.
    You are spot on with QT11-one and QT11-two.
    Erroneous however on QT11-four.


  3. Would Q4 happen to been Auckland seaplanes zk-wka? being only one of two beavers fitted with floats?

    1. Good guess - but nope - It is not a Beaver.

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  5. Morning Colly.
    Yes QT 11-four is a Beagle - any more thoughts on 'the second one in NZ' ?

    1. Pretty sure it's going to the same owner! the first is ZK CCW flown by Ross Brodie on Saturday as part of his solo record.

  6. not knowing the difference between beagles its either going to be Zk-coa registered only a few weeks ago or zk-pvp registered in 2014

    1. Yep I will pay on that.
      It is a Beagle A109 Airdale. The pic if from ZK-CCW. The latest to arrive here is ZK-COA.

  7. Replies
    1. Yep HRHELI.
      It is actually MD NOTAR ZK-IGA.