Thursday 14 January 2016

Another New Zealand Cessna 120

Blue Bus has reminded me that we have another Cessna 120 registered in New Zealand, and has sent the photo below, taken at Rangiora on 17/5/14.  I have therefore altered my previous post.

ZK-XTX (c/n 11759) was registered on 13/1/09 to FG Vernon of Queensland and ownership transferred to Kevin Langford of Rakaia on 22/11/13.  It is easy to see that it is ex N77317, and before that it was NC77317.  I believe it is currently inactive.


  1. With the rear cabin window, is that not a Cessna 140? Does this aircraft have flaps?

  2. The Cessna 120 was an economy version of the 140 produced at the same time and within the same c/n run between 8000 and 15075.
    It had the same engine as the 140, but lacked flaps.
    The rear-cabin "D" side windows and electrical system were optional.

    Both the FAA & NZCAA list it as a 120.

    ZK-XTX is a rag wing without flaps.