Sunday 24 January 2016

Trojan ZK-TGN is Nearly There! Ardmore 23-1-2016

Brian Hall's North American T 28B Trojan ZK-TGN carried out a compass swing at Ardmore yesterday prior to an engine run.  Brian told me that there is just the CAA paperwork to go now, so it is close to flying.

 On tow back from the compass swing.

 In the sun warming up the engine oil before the engine run.

 Nose and rear fuselage/tail detail.

Brian told me that the aircraft has just 38 hours on it following a 16,000 hour rebuild.  he also told me that the colour scheme is exactly that which the Trojan wore at the end of its US Navy life.

The engine has been modified from the standard Trojan powerplant of a Wright R 1830 with a more powerful Pratt and Whitney R2000 Twin Wasp engine that came from a DC 4, and this has necessitated the modified cowling.

Errol Cavit has sent in a video of the engine running, see:   Thanks Errol.

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  1. I understand from a couple of posts at the WONZ forum that TGN had her first NZ flight/s at Ardmore today. Great news!