Sunday 6 July 2014

ZK-NEQ - New scheme.

Bombardier DHC-8-311 ZK-NEQ c/n  636 was the 14th Dash 8 for Air Nelson;
 arriving there on 15-03-2007 and entering service on the 25th.
It is seen above at Christchurch on 15-08-2013 in its previous ANZ Link scheme
 This morning - 06-07-2014 - it was rolled out from the ANZ paint shop at Christchurch International.
 In the two shots above it is still hidden from general public view.
Below - with the covered passenger walkway slid aside - it is towed out -

 and around top the ANZES hangar.
 Below - outside the ANZES hangar for final checks before committing aviation in its new scheme.


  1. does'nt look right

  2. Looks great!! NZ fleet will look good when all planes are done

  3. Tacky and badly proportioned for the Dash in particular.