Sunday 13 July 2014

Addenda to ZK-AMS

More photographs of ZK-AMS / VH-CWS have come to hand.
They have been included in the original post at :-
ZK-AMS at Ardmore in July of 1993.
 Two views of ZK-AMS taking off uphill to the West from Mesopotamia Station on 07-06-1994.
 Below you can see the bubble window towards the rear starboard side. As seen at Wigram on 09-05-1999.
Below we have four more photos of VH-CWS taken by Graeme Mills.
Photo taken at Rutherford on 12th June 2009
Photo at Rutherford taken 8th February 2010
Photo taken 10th February 2010. Pictured are Captain Jack Curtis,
Peter Edwards and retired 747 Captain Gordon Power. Jack & Peter flew
CWS from Perth to Maitland the year before. They both flew DC3's for the
now defunct Dakota National Air. At the time this pic was taken, Jack
was 80 years old and still holds a current CPL.
Photo taken shortly after it's arrival at Bankstown 8th August 2011.
Peter Edwards flew it down from Maitland. It is still parked at
Bankstown, outside in the weather and would need a rather big cheque
book to get her in the air again.

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