Monday 21 July 2014

Auckland departing shots.

A few parting shots as Bargeldo1 departs Auckland today.
 Nothing exciting for you Aucklanders but maybe another angle to look at
things from.
I think there is quite a mix of generations here, the latest
technology in the 787 at the top end and then a DC3 and the Convair at the lower end.
Sorry for the poor quality shots but it was pretty poor rainy weather and
the window on this 777 is crazed and in need of a good scrub.

 And this is the first time that I have caught up with the Jaffa Jetstar Airbus VH-VGF.
 This will be the last time I see 747 ZK-SUH before it heads off to the scrap man shortly.
 The Air Freight GD Allison Convair 340/5800 ZK-KFS hides behind the Air Chathams DC3C ZK-AWP.

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