Wednesday 30 July 2014

Piper PA22-150 c/n 22-3592.

The Piper PA-22-150 TriPacer ZK-BLC is c/n 22-3592 and first appeared on our register on 30-01-1956 for the NZ agents Airwork (NZ) Ltd of Christchurch.
Above is a pic of ZK-BLC taken at Stratford in 1957 with Wanganui Aero Club titles.
Pic from the Allan Wooller collection.
It was first used by the Wanganui Aero Cub until it moved back to Christchurch with the Canterbury Aero Club from 15-03-1962.
 Photo above shows ZK-BLC outside the old Aero Club half hangar on 10-04-1964.
The other half of the hangar was used by Mount Cook Airlines for servicing their HS748's and the odd Cessna 185.
Above is a nice undated colour shot by Ivan Prince and comes from the Ed Coates collection.
 It suffered an engine failure near Tapanui on 12-10-1965 and overturned in the ensuing forced landing.
It was rebuilt and re-appeared on the register on as ZK-CPJ on 04-02-1966 with B Frazer of Christchurch with the modified c/n of R22-3592 (with R = rebuild).
A couple of weeks later (18-02-1966) ownership moved to William E Robb of Ashburton.
The next, and final, ownership changed took effect on 08-02-1983 when it transferred to A J Harmer of Mount Somers.
Pic below on an unknown date and site of ZK-CPJ from the Allan Wooller collection with the full registration and vertical tailplane chevron.
Below we have two pics of ZK-CPJ at West Melton on 23-03-1990. 
 Below ZK-CPJ at West Melton on 13-08-1996 with its turned down wingtips, larger abbreviated registration letters and all white vertical tail.
 It was withdraw and cancelled on 26-02-2014.
The two lower photographs were shot in the Ashburton Aviation Museum on 24-07-2014.
  Mind your cranium on that wing tip trailing edge !
Other photos from the Dave Paull collection.


  1. My father owned one the same from 1971 to 1986. ZK-BSB

  2. I flew from Christchurch to Queenstown and back in ZK-BSB on a Saturday around 1960. Pilot Brian Weakley, passengers Howard Brownscombe. Murray McEwan and myself (Will Lawson). Had to divert to Mosgiel for fuel as we got lost in a weather change. Arrived safely back in Christchurch just on twilight.