Monday 7 July 2014

Schweizer 269 ZK-HON

The Schweizer 269C (300C) c/n S1426 first flew on the Schweizer Aircraft Corporations test registration of N41S at Elmira, New York in late 1989.
It was shipped direct to Motor Holdings (Aviation) Ltd of Ardmore and registered to them as ZK-HDP2 on 01-02-1990 and a week later (8th) was listed to Peter Patterson of Dunstan Peaks Ltd (just around the corner from Omarama). Peter sold this machine on 08-11-2004 and registered his new 269C (c/n S1871) as ZK-HDP3 the same day.
The original ZK-HDP2 went to Airmec at West Melton to be officially registered as ZK-HON2 on the same date.
Below a pic of ZK-HON2 At West Melton on 19-01-2005
It was re-listed with Don McCallum (of Cloudy Bay Helicopters) on 10-05-2005 and then to the Company name Cloudy Bay Helicopters Ltd of Blenheim on 10-04-2007.
It is seen above at Nelson on 07-03-2012.

This is I suspect the helicopters referred to below.
We wish both a speedy and full recovery.

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  1. Blue Bus - I assume this is the Schweizer 269 that crashed at Blenhiem yesterday. If it is shouldn't you mention this in the post?