Thursday 24 July 2014

Yet more from Ardmore today (24-07-2014)

Magnaman had another good day at Ardmore today.
 Robinson R22 Beta ZK-HMW2 (c/n 2555) has just recently moved to Ardmore for Heliflite Charters and Training Ltd. It has been around since late 1995. It got a mention back in November 2008. See:-
Since then it has spent time with Terry Hart at Reefton; Nelson Aviation College; back to Terry Hart again; Blue Skies Helicopters at "The Mount", and recently with Helicopter Training at Hamilton.
 Still wearing its Jordanian Police Markings of P-O2 is the MBB BO 105 CBS-4 ZK-IBO2 (c/n S-801) which has been registered to Oceania Aviation Ltd since 17-04-2013.
 Wearing a temporary tape registration - ZK-IEC - a Eurocopter EC 130 T2 (c/n 7841) for Craig Boote of Endurance Fishing - joined our register yesterday.
 Obove is the Ted Smith 601B Aerostar ZK-JOS (c/n 61-0361-116). This was shipped into NZ, arriving in May of 2004, and was first registered with North Shore Compliance Centre Ltd on 12-10-2004. A name change had it listed to Coventry Motors Ltd on 21-07-2008.
Also built by Piper - It is one of six we have seen on the register - with two remaining - plus another airframe on rebuild.
 Registered to the NAM syndicate since 08-03-2002 is this Cessna O-1F Bird Dog ZK-NAM2 (c/n 24106). Built as s/n 57-2928 for the US Army for onward delivery to the Republic of Vietnam Air Force.
This Cessna A185E ZK-SMS (c/n 18502041) spent its early years in Canada - coming to NZ for a rebuild by Advanced Aero Engineering Ltd at Hamilton to be registered here on 04-02-1997 and then being listed to Hayward Leisure Company from 01-05-1997.

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