Sunday 6 July 2014

Ardmore rotary items

Robinson R44 ZK-IEF is c/n 2297 and only joined the ZK register on 02-07-2014 for Western Pacific Helicopters of Wanaka and was photographed the following day.
It is ex VH-XNY from Heliflite Pty Ltd of Georges Hall, Sydney, with whom it was registered on 03-01-2014 and cancelled on 18-06-2014 for its move to NZ.
We had a pic and history of this Aerospatiale AS 350B2 ZK-IPG (c/n 3574) a couple of days back.
We also had an earlier shot of this Schweizer 269C-1 (300CBi) ZK-IRB2 (c/n 0238). See:-
Above we see it in its Australian registration of VH-ESK3 at Ardmore on 06-06-2014 and below in ZK marks on the 13th.
Seen at Ardmore on 04-07-2014 was the Agusta A109E Power ZK-ITR2 (c/n 11127) from the Taranaki Rescue Helicopter Trust. The registration letters are a little difficult to read on the vertical fin.
Then we have the Kawasaki BK117-BS ZK-IZY (c/n 1058) as listed with Pacific Helicopters Ltd (PNG) Ltd of Havelock North. This was registered here on 23-01-2014 and seen here yesterday at Ardmore.
Below we have the Bell B206 JetRanger III marked as JA9291.
This Japanese registration was cancelled on 03-04-2013 and the helicopter went to Heliflite Pty Ltd at Georges Hall, Sydney, and was placed on the Australian register as VH-OCU on 14-05-2013.
 It was noted at Ardmore in September of 2013 still wearing the Japanese JA9291 markings. See:-
Its Australian registration was cancelled on 16-06-2014 seemingly without it ever wearing its VH-OCU marks.
It was listed as ZK-HJT3 on 17-06-2014 to Heliflite Pacific Ltd.
All photos in this post kindly provided by Agairnz.

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