Sunday, 8 June 2014


Following assembly and certification at Tauranga by Solo Wings we see the Slepcev Storch U/L ZK-STO (c/n 157) of Angus Robson departing on its delivery flight to Matamata on the 20th of May. This Rotax 912 powered Storch is the third example in NZ, and as can be seen is painted in a Luftwaffe Word War Two African desert scheme.
Photo comes from Peter Mole.


  1. There was one of these operating in NZ quite a few years ago on demo.

  2. Flyernzl - The previous Slepcev Storch you are referring to was ZK-JPH. We have another Slepcev Storch here also - ZK-WAZ There are NZCivair blog posts on both of them (you can enter the rego in the search box at the top left but you probably knew that!)