Saturday, 14 June 2014

New TL Ultralight Aircraft Assembled at North Shore Today 14-6-2014

As I posted back in March, Sport Aircraft Ltd of North Shore were bringing in two TL aircraft and the container was finally delivered to North Shore Airfield yesterday.  Their website is

The delivery of a 40 foot container to an airfield is often an exciting time!  I didn't see the two aircraft in the container, but I could see that they had been very well packed with the fuselages on their wheels, and everything was well strapped down.  Both aircraft arrived in perfect shape.

TL 2000 Sting ZK-SAL was registered on 13/5/14 to Sport Aircraft Ltd, and will be their demonstrator.

TL 3000 Sirius ZK-RNK was also registered on 13/5/14, to Skyward Escapes Ltd of Christchurch as a South Island based demonstrator.  Here the second wing is being attached.  It all went very well and things fitted perfectly.  Both aircraft arrived from the factory with their registrations applied.

Meanwhile, opposite the Sport Aircraft Ltd hangar, their previous demonstrator, Sirius ZK-SPR awaited dismantling for transport to Austalia in the same container.  This is probably the last photo you will see of it as a New Zealand registered aircraft.

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