Monday, 2 June 2014

Bargeldo1 out and about Christchurch

Bargeldo1 was out flying the Canterbury Aero Clubs Piper PA-28-140 ZK-DUP today and has provided these pics.
Below the Boeing 737 ZK-NGG crossing the nose in the circuit.
Below we are turning onto the downwind left hand for West Melton's 22.

Above is NZCH with the threshold of runway 11 in the foreground.
Whilst below we are heading to cross over the end of runway 02.
The aircraft on the ground in the lower centre of this pic is the Fairchild F27 as used by crash fire.
 Below is what is left of the old Wigram airfield. Crying shame.
The large extension to the Air Force Museum is clearly visible to the right of centre frame.
Below is the terminal area for Christchurch International. All quiet in the international department.
Below we are left base for grass 22 20 and about to cross the runway 22 20 centre line.
And just commencing the turn onto final for grass 22 20.
Back on the ground again in one piece it is time to photograph two strays on the tie downs.
Cessna 182Q ZK-JBT2 is c/n 18265964 and is listed to Ross Millichamp of Christchurch.
Where is it normally based ?
It started its NZ flying career as ZK-DCK with the Ministry of Transport back on 06-10-1977, changing to ZK-JBT for JBT Ltd at Feilding on 20-06-1997.
Piper PA-28-180 ZK-DFL is c/n 28-4720 of the Kapiti Districts Aero Club (Inc) and is Paraparaumu based.
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  1. That is Runway & grass 20 at NZCH, not 22 :)

  2. Well spotted Anon.
    Amended thanks.
    How come it took nearly a week before anybody spotted that ?