Friday, 20 June 2014

TL 2000 Sting S4 ZK-SAL First Flight at North Shore Today - 20-6-2014

Sport Aircraft Ltd's brand new TL 2000 Sting S4 ZK-SAL took off from North Shore Airfield for its first flight in New Zealand this afternoon, 20-6-2014.  This was not its actaul first flight as all TL aircraft are test flown for 2 hours at the TL Aircraft factory in the Czech Republic before shipping.

ZK-SAL was signed off by CAA yesterday.  It is registered as  Class 2 microlight although it could also qualify as a Light Sport Aircraft.  It has a Rotax 912 iS engine with a constant speed propellor, and it also has a full glass Dynon cockpit.

Phil Southerden exits to leave test pilot Mark Easson to carry out the first flight.  Phil and Mark are part owners of Sport Aircraft Ltd.

Taxying out.

In this view you can see where the Ballistic Recovery Parachute would deploy, through a round blow-off panel in the rear window.

On climb out.  In this view you can see the long flaps and relatively short ailerons.

A very smooth plane.

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