Friday, 27 June 2014

Another Friday whizz round.

My regular Friday trip around the patch did not find anything really new.
However Brett Emeny's Piper PA-24 ZK-CYT (c/n 24-2289) down from Inglewood, was outside the Canterbury Aero Clubs HQ.
 She is thinking " Step across this yellow and black line Mate, and see what I will do".
 A distant Cb with some virga and some crepuscular rays make for a good monochrome background.
 Finally a better shot of the new CRAC Tecnam P92 Echo Classic ZK-RGA (c/n1485) at NZRT.
Brian Atkinson's Cessna 180K ZK-SCB (c/n 18053170), showing its under wing colour scheme, was down from Hanmer for some maintenance.

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