Friday 1 November 2013

Pics to ponder

Below are a bunch of pics I took mostly last Tuesday that I intended to blog more fully (but maybe later).
 Two departing for the Ice.
 Below we are waiting at hangar one at NZCH.
 Below we have the as yet unmarked ZK-ARD2 at NZRT.
 Is this the final straw for olde ZK-BWZ. Now minus wings. The lower cowl has been cockpit bound for months.
 ZK-DPE is Canterbury Aviation's latest addition.

 Above. Tony checks himself out in the Avid ZK-JHW at NZRT.
 Fokker ZK-MKE at NZRT and yet to hit the register.
 Above is G-MWNG the Solar Wings Pegasus XL-Q; soon to be ZK-MWN as seen at NZRT.
 An eyesore for the travelling public.
 I am sure that if you are sitting in the right hand window seat when taxying out for NZCH RNWY20 this will fill you with faith and confidence for the pending journey..
 ZK-ONR only a couple of hours before its first flight in NZ at NZRT.
The seldom seen Stolp Starduster SA100 ZK-SDI.
And with this - Blue Bus will be off the air for a time period unspecified.

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