Friday 8 November 2013


   Here's a neat flying shot from David Molesworth of a SAFE Bristol 170 ZK-BEO (c/n 13058). 
This aircraft first flew with the Bristol Aeroplanes Co Ltd's Class "B" registration of G-18-112 in 1952 having been registered to the Company on 21-08-1952. 
It went on charge with the Royal New Zealand Air Force as NZ5905 on 08-09-1952 and was based initially at Whenuapai. As an interesting aside it had the RNZAF radio call sign of ZM-ZBG.
It was leased to SAFE from February 2nd 1954 (the date of its NZ CofA) and joined the NZ Civil Aircraft Register as ZK-BEO on the 10th of February to be painted in the SAFE colour scheme and named "Resolution". The aircraft was purchased by SAFE on 12-02-1955 and remained in service until being withdrawn on 27-05-1967 with 17,293 flying hours.
 Its registration was cancelled on 19-09-1967 and it was scrapped at Woodbourne.
Below we see her at the SAFE depot at Rongotai in about 1964 with the NZ Railway's loading platforms being trundled out.
Note it still has the military style windows in the lower portion of the opening nose doors.

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  1. Nice to see a great B/w pic of BEO airborne