Tuesday 26 November 2013

Timaru Farewell # 2

Breaking my own unwritten rule about running military stuff !
A couple of pics of a dying breed.
 "Gunslinger # 11" from the sunny side.
Because of Timaru Airports layout - most of the hardware was up sun which produced a lot of ho hum back light pictures like "05" in cloak mode.
I heard from several military persons about what a gem of a site Timaru Airport was for this Southern Katipo exercise.
With nearby sandy and rocky beaches; (Yes there was an amphibious landing); heaps of flat land; rolling hills only a few km away and mountains less than 1/2 an hour away (UH-1 speed).
It was rather weird to have fully kitted foreign troops patrolling the streets of town - Memories of another time and place.

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