Monday 25 November 2013

Timaru farwell

 Before departing Timaru yesterday I managed a quick squiz around the field - avoiding all the military stuff.
Actually the military were very good allowing fair photographic access to their toys.
There was one pompous civilian who seemed to think he owned the place - pulling me up for being airside and on a military controlled airfield. So I produced my ID (which he didn't do) and then inferred that I should be wearing a high viz vest (which he wasn't).
The only high viz vest I noted were on the fully armed soldiers in full cammo gear at the road check points to the airfield during the first few days of the exercise.
Anyway the civil aircraft :-
Piper PA-28-140 Cherokee ZK-CIJ (c/n 28-20230) was listed to Airwork (NZ) Ltd on 18-11-1964 for delivery to the Canterbury Aero Club. It has been with Raewyn Irvine at Timaru since 11-12-2005. Raewyn has recently acquired the Piper PA-28-181 ZK-ENV.
Mark Elworthy's Bushby Mustang 1A ZK-MFE (c/n M-1-2036) was looking really tidy in the back corner of the hangar. It has been on the register since 16-08-2006.
The Nokomai Station Cessna T206H ZK-NOK (c/n T206-08525) was anchored down outside the AVTEK hangar
The Tony Schischka Thorp T18 CW Tiger ZK-VMS (c/n 867/AACA/200) was also very bright and shiny.


  1. you just cant help some people,power goes to their head,when we all know they talk out their $%%&^,good to see you got some pics,i see cij is advertised on trade me,nice looking original cherokee

  2. I seriously hate those assholes who show up on airfields and try pushing people around.

    They go against the spirit of general aviation, and it's often just an excuse for a little power trip for someone who's maybe not all that powerful.

    Hope you stared him down and carried on.

  3. We all throughly enjoyed the company of the last few weeks of all the troops, Airways guys and girls, and the Top Brass.

    Had some great BBQ's with a locals aviators, Aeroclub and visitors from near and far. It really is how aviation should be!

    Hope they call again.

    Thank you Mike for great photos too !!